Vigor Roads

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There is a collection for:
  • Basic version of the game, including both RU and EN localizations
  • Battleground 10vs10 cars and closed-circuit races
  • 3 classes of battle cars with basic tuning
  • 2 classes of mechanics
  • 5 classes of weapons and traps
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Latest News

Breakneck speed and car fights with no rules

Pick a class of a car that you'll equip with the deadliest weapons out there, hire the best mechanics and challenge other players across the dying world.

Multiple modes

Mechanicsr fights, circuit racing, solo and group missions, sieges, survivals, cargo escort or marauding - there's plenty to do for eberybody.

Flexible leveling system

Upgrade your metal beast and train your mechanics. Numerous body kit options, dozens of weapons, special skills and abilities will leave your competition no chances.

Fights on wheels and on feet

The mechanics is totally free in their actions. Your car has been blown up? Not to worry. Throw your competitor out of the car and take their place or use alien technologies to turn the tables. You set the rules in this war!


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